Skoda Scala Review

Skoda Scala Reviews

Skoda Scala is a sensational novelty, which has become a long-awaited car from the Czech manufacturer. This hatchback went on sale in 2019 and literally “burst” into the markets. Experts who have already familiarized themselves with the car note that this is a large car at an affordable price.

Skoda Scala
Skoda Scala

Inside, the new Skoda is a bit like the already familiar VW Golf. The following small but useful elements deserve special attention:

  • enough free space for a spare wheel;
  • comfortable armrests;
  • comfortable headrests.

It is very difficult to achieve such characteristics without the obligatory increase in the wheelbase. The Skoda Scala has a 47mm longer wheelbase than the Skoda Rapid: compare 2,649mm and 2,602mm.

Skoda Scala
Skoda Scala

Customers will appreciate the truly spacious luggage compartment, designed for 467 liters. To increase the useful volume of the boot up to 1,410 liters, simply remove the rear seats. The trunk is closed quite easily, thanks to the built-in electric drive.

Taking a ride behind the wheel, it can be noted that the Skoda Scala is distinguished by soft settings, and the body turns remain within the permissible norm. Stability on the road is a merit of the same increased wheelbase.

The basic configuration of the car implies the use of a powerful engine – 95 hp. But at the beginning of sales, motorists will not be able to purchase a Skoda Scala equipped with such an engine – it will enter the market a little later.

The best option is considered to be a car with a volume of 1.5 liters, which functions together with a 7-speed DSG. Also, the manufacturer offers customers a choice of 1.6 liters – this is 100% diesel.

Skoda Scala
Skoda Scala

Paying attention to the interior of the Skoda Scala, it is important to note that this time the Czech company used a lot of plastic details in the design. Taking a closer look at the “stuffing” of the car, it is impossible not to note the presence of a modern multimedia system Amundsen, equipped with a 9.2-inch touch screen.

Another updated option is the Virtual Cockpit dashboard. It is a digital panel with an attractive appearance.

The Skoda Scala, which is quite affordable for every buyer, has five doors and is complemented by 17-inch wheels. The durable suspension will perfectly cope with the tasks set, even if the car is equipped with a powerful engine with 150 horsepower.

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