How to fill up your car at the gas station

How to fill up your car Tips

With the question of how to properly fuel a car, it is better to understand before you come to the gas station. Lack of knowledge and experience often leads to unpleasant situations. For example, you fill up with gasoline of the wrong brand or forget the hose in the tank. Of course, the procedure of refueling the car can be entrusted to gas station employees, but you must be absolutely sure in the correctness of their actions and control the process. And what if there are no employees of filling station? How often and what kind of gasoline is better to fill the car? What gas station to give preference? About everything in order.

Watching the indicator of fuel level in the tank

How to fill up your car

On the dashboard of any car is a built-in sensor. A blinking light signals that there is less than 10 liters of fuel left in the tank. When the big arrow goes to the “red zone”, it is an alarm signal. It means that there is 5-6 liters of petrol left in the tank, and its complete emptying should not be allowed. There are at least two explanations:

  • you may not reach your destination, stop in a completely unintended place;
  • If the level of gasoline is low, the sensor may be out of order.

Promptly refill the fuel is necessary when the indicator arrow is in a small range to the “red zone”. 

Choose the filling station responsibly

It is wise to choose a gas station where you will be serviced regularly. What to consider when choosing:

  • price and quality of fuel;
  • reviews of experienced drivers;
  • own impressions.

Do not spare time to compare the price offers of gas stations. Unjustifiably overpriced fuel has no effect on its quality. Reduced prices also raise the question – who is working at a loss? So there is a high probability that gasoline is diluted. Such fuel is a direct threat to the functionality of your car. The golden mean in price offers is the right option.

Every driver, even with great experience, always expresses his subjective opinion. It is worthy of attention, but you can check it only after you have used the services of a particular gas station. Your own impressions, or rather the “behavior” of your car is the main indicator of the right choice.

The best way for you to refuel your car: frequency of refueling and type of fuel

How to fill up your car

The question of how best to refuel your car, or rather how often it should be done, has no unambiguous answer. The intensity and conditions of use of the vehicle, the model, the technical condition – these are just the main factors that directly affect fuel consumption.

Regarding the choice of gasoline brand, it is worth adhering to the manufacturers’ recommendations. In the absence of instructions this information can always be clarified on the official website. When choosing a brand of gasoline, it is necessary to take into account the design features of the engine.

How to properly fuel a car at the gas station: an algorithm of actions

When studying how to fuel a car at a gas station, information on the sequence of actions will be of interest to everyone: beginners, those who are not confident in their own abilities, and experienced car owners will once again be able to make sure that their actions are correct.

Memo, how to correctly fill up your car at filling station, which uses gasoline or diesel fuel:

  1. The location of the gas tank hatch determines the approach side of the gas station.
  2. Properly drive up to the dispenser with the right type of fuel.
  3. Order the necessary amount of fuel at the cash register and pay for the purchase. If you don’t know how much you need, it’s better to order a full tank. Refueling guns automatically stop the flow of fuel when the tank is full, and the gas station system will calculate the actual volume.
  4. Insert the gun into the filler neck of the tank and fill the fuel.
  5. Remove the filling pistol and return it to its original place.

Memo, how to refuel with gas, has a slight difference. At the filling station, make sure that all the components of SBS are in good working order. During gas supply it is unacceptable to pump the cylinder. The system automatically cuts off the fuel supply when the tank is full.

The main recommendation on how to properly fill a car at a gas station is not to rush. Follow the suggested algorithm and choose a gas station with a good reputation.

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