CRM from RentSyst: what you need to know about the system, features and benefits

CRM from RentSyst Reviews

The larger your business, the more difficult it is to manage. This is especially true for car rental companies. Errors often occur in this field since it means a lot of subtleties that require attention.

RentSyst has developed innovative CRM software that can significantly simplify the life of an entrepreneur by globally automating workflows and providing many useful features. CRM from RentSyst is a fleet management and car rental business software designed to give its owner maximum control over every aspect of the business.

CRM system allows you to:

  • use available resources as rational as possible;
  • optimize your time;
  • significantly grow your income.

Online car rental

This service is intended for those whose route involves a large number of trips. Indeed, in this case, online booking will be much more profitable than getting a taxi using a daily payment system.

In this case, the person will be able to independently calculate their route and use the car in the way that is convenient for them. The service is as accessible as possible, you can easily make online payments, getting what you want in just a couple of clicks.

CRM system for car sharing management

The main task of the CRM system of carsharing work is to make this type of business the most convenient. RentSyst specialists have developed special functionality to manage their fleet. Thanks to this, any entrepreneur can fully manage their business with a laptop or smartphone.

The car rental program allows you to:

  • fully automate your car sharing company;
  • significantly save time by entrusting the preparation of economic reports to software;
  • customize all settings to fit your needs;
  • get a convenient and customizable scheduler; 
  • monitor the condition of each car;
  • get an automated personal manager;
  • work with online documentation;
  • use an electronic signature;
  • pay fines online;
  • keep accurate accounting records.

Car leasing management software

Leasing is an economic tool that allows the lessee to use the vehicle on the terms specified in the contract with the right to purchase it. At the same time, the lessor undertakes not only to purchase the car chosen by the lessee from a car dealer, but also to provide this property for temporary use to the client for a fixed fee.

Leasing allows you not to withdraw a significant working sum and purchase the necessary equipment, special tools, or a commercial vehicle on favorable terms.

Other leasing benefits:

  • use of the accelerated depreciation mechanism, including the one with a threefold coefficient;
  • availability of tax preferences;
  • development of a convenient individual repayment scheme that provides for the activities of the organization, including seasonal work;
  • short deadlines for the execution of the contract;
  • less stringent requirements for clients when providing the necessary documents;
  • an opportunity to purchase several cars at once;
  • an opportunity to update fixed assets;
  • after the expiration of the lease agreement, you can replace the car with a new one.

Today, no car rental company is complete without a CRM system. RentSyst software is the best you can find in the online car rental software industry. At the same time, RentSyst always keeps in touch with the client. If you encounter any difficulties while working with the program, you can always contact the company’s managers for detailed advice.

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